Success Stories

Accelerating Field Sales with
Lead Generation Partners

Lead generation for insurance sales representatives.


Our client was looking to add a consistent outbound lead generation program targeting new business growth to their existing national sales program. As a specialty insurance company looking to grow in a competitive market, they understood the importance of building a continuous pipeline of new prospects for their field sales team.


We met with the regional sales directors and CRM team to set up a plan for our lead generation specialists to set onsite appointments for the field sales people. Using a combination of our phone system and their CRM and calendaring systems, we built a smooth process. We coordinated our efforts with local field sales, commercial sales, and the marketing team to build lists of past customers and new prospects for the Telmark team to call. We developed talking points specific to each type of target, and tested and refined our approach to optimize the call messaging, frequency and timing. Our team calls the targets on the list, using data from the CRM system to customize messaging. With visibility to the field sales Outlook calendars, we set the day and time of the appointment with the prospect while on the phone. A calendar invite for the appointment is then emailed to the prospect and field salesperson. Following up with emails to set up call backs or confirm appointments built confidence with the targets.


In 2019, our team executed with great success.

  • Calls Made – 95,107
  • Appointments Made – 2,679
  • $3.9M in billed premiums off sold policies from our appointments
  • Once a process is developed and concept is proven sustainable, we collaborate with our clients to test and learn in other areas thus identifying further opportunity. 

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