Telmark Sales Solutions, Inc

Leading Talent


 Sales success results from smart strategy put to work by smart people. Telmark teams up people with great sales personalities to execute tactical communication plans that forge valuable relationships with your target customers. Our experienced sales people know their markets and understand the needs of your accounts, leading to more profit, more quickly. 

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Reaching out


 We understand the innately personal one-on-one nature of talking with someone on the phone, and by recruiting people who are able to intuitively adapt to make every interaction with customers feel worthwhile. The Telmark Sales Solution difference is the powerful way we apply smart communication strategy to influence decision makers by building relationships that they trust and enjoy. 

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Growing Sales


Whether helping you grow incremental business with current customers or expanding your penetration into new markets, our associates truly understand their markets. CPG clients appreciate our ability to reach food and drug mass companies, as well as small niches such as independent natural food stores. Our B2B clients see our high-touch approach to service selling as key to their programs. 

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Protect & Grow: The Telmark Sales Solution Difference

  • Account management for growth
  • Sales blitz teams for promotions
  • Commission and fee based pricing structures

  • Digital communication strategies to increase response
  • Proven processes for tracking and reporting

  • Experienced sales people
  • Incentivized compensation
  • Single brand focused sales
  • Alternative channel savvy


Telmark Sales Solutions is certified as a 100% minority-owned firm. Our sales associate-centric environment fosters independent thought throughout our entire organization. We bring a fresh approach along with an unprecedented level of experience developing telesales programs for leading companies in food, drug, natural and service industries.  


222 W College Ave Ste 2A Appleton WI 54911