Telmark Sales Solutions, Inc

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Telmark Sales Solutions teams up people with great sales personalities to execute tactical communication plans that forge valuable relationships with your sales targets. Our CPG and B2B partners trust us to grow sales by developing and executing strategic multi-touch communication plans that protect their existing market share, penetrate new markets and build new customer relationships. They recognize the power of our dedicated sales team model, where we represent a single company to a select group of current and new customers. CPG clients appreciate our ability to reach food and drug mass companies, as well as small niches such as independent natural food stores. Our B2B clients see our high-touch approach to service selling as key to their programs. We understand the innately personal one-on-one nature of talking with someone on the phone. We are able to intuitively adapt to make every interaction with customers feel worthwhile. The Telmark Sales Solution difference is the powerful way we apply smart communication strategy to influence decision makers by building relationships that they trust and enjoy.  

Direct Sales Solutions

 Our experienced sales professionals are skilled at increasing close ratios, driving more revenue per order, and ultimately increasing market share.  We specialize in niche markets our clients' current sales process may not cover efficiently, if at all.  We also are experts in winning back more of our clients' former customers to further strengthen product presence.

At Telmark Sales Solutions, our sales associates are dedicated to only one client thus allowing precise focus on our clients' brands with both existing customer relationships as well as new ones.  Our customer management programs provide Consumer Packaged Goods firms with a comprehensive solution that manages the entire sales and care process, while reducing the costs associated with servicing the small to mid-sized accounts. 

We focus on underserved accounts by proactively reaching out to them in multiple formats with an organized product mix focus that not only results in retaining more valuable clients, but actually significantly increases their sales and turns what is most often a declining business segment into a vital, growing and profitable part of your overall business. 

Customer Service Integration

 The customers our clients assign us come with the responsibility of order processing/management, deduction resolution, and promotional funds management.  Each team is assigned administrative support to provide focused customer care.  This support allows our sales professionals the time to focus on relationship and brand building while providing the customer with a one-stop-shop for both product and service related questions.  

Competitive Advantage

 The large national sales brokers are the firms most CPG companies have migrated to for some form of representation.  As costs for hiring a direct sales force at the manufacturer level have become prohibitive, most have hired brokers to represent them at least at the retail level.  

​The primary differences between our firm and conventional brokers is that we focus on niche alternative channels and smaller regional chains the broker cannot cover as efficiently.  Additionally, we assign a dedicated team to exclusively represent each client vs. the broker whose sales associates represent multiple lines of product to the customers they serve.

The broker, like any sales force, will focus most effort with those customers producing the majority of total volume.  This common sense approach is part of their business model.  As a result, there may be orders taken reactively at the smaller to mid-sized customer, but there is little to no effort on the part of the broker to perform business building activity at this level.

Bottom line, although we are not a replacement option for the service CPG manufacturers receive from traditional brokers, we are experts at business building with the smaller to mid-sized direct buying customers who fall outside the primary focus of these national firms.  

Are You Getting Your Fair Share?

 The Consumer Packaged Goods business is full of innovative products.  One challenge most small to mid-sized firms must face is how to most effectively make their products available to consumers.

Larger CPG firms have the attention of the traditional broker network to bring their products to market.  Gaining an appropriate level of time and attention remains challenging to smaller firms.

​Telmark Sales Solutions centers on providing dedicated specialized sales and service coverage systems for our clients within this range.  The result is sales maximization with the right skill sets on each portion of your business.